Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub

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Exfoliating and moisturizing, refreshing and recharging.  Our salt scrubs are made with 100% organic Sea Salt, carrier oils and a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.They are perfect for tough jobs to soften skin such as elbows, knees, hands, feet and even help eliminate ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving.

Breathe Salt Scrub: Contains a blend of essential oils that support the respiratory system.

Lime Salt Scrub: Purifying and rejuvenating. Lime Peel essential oil is anti-bacterial and contains d-limonene that calms irritated skin.

Refresh Salt Scrub: Contains a citrus peel essential oil blend leaving you feeling refreshed, uplifted and calm. 

Sleep Salt Scrub: Calming and grounding. Contains an essential oil blend with lavender and frankincense essential oils.

Apply with wet hands to desired area and gently scrub in circular motions until most of the scrub is dissolved. Wash with warm water.

Available in 6oz jars. Holds 8oz salt scrub.